Remove a Post, Page, or Link

Step 1: Remove the Link from your Menu

  • Go to the Menus link in your toolbar, or if you’re in your dashboard, go to Appearance and then Menus.
  • Check the “select a menu to edit” option to make sure you’re editing the right menu- you may have additional menus in the site that aren’t actually in use but you’ll see them as options here.
  • Click the offending menu item, click remove, and then click save.
  • Check your site and you should see it gone.

Now that we’ve removed it from the menu, the page or project will still exist in your site, but no one is at all likely to find it. If you’re fine with it hanging out in the background you can stop here.

Step 2 (Optional): Totally Delete the Page or Post

  • Go to your dashboard
  • Find the page or project (under “all pages” or “all projects”)
  • Hover your mouse over it and click Trash.
  • Be aware that deleting something this way will not actually remove it from the menu, so you’ll still want to follow the steps above to remove the link in the menu.