Customize Your Site

Access the “Customize” screen from the black toolbar at the top of your site, or from the dashboard under “Appearance”. This screen contains options about how you site looks and the navigation options it contains.


We have pre-installed a small selection of themes and you are welcome to change yours. A WordPress theme controls the look and feel of the site. Themes vary dramatically- from basic and spare, to visual and dynamic.

Bear in mind that changing the theme impacts the navigation of your site, and if you change the theme you may need to re-set which menus or sidebars you want to appear on the site (see below).

Header Image

Most themes allow you to upload a header image which will appear somewhere at the top of every page.

Background Image

We suggest NOT using a background image- these tend to make a site look visually confusing.


This is where you can set your options for what menu displays where. See our section on Menus for more info on this. Different themes will have different options for how many menus you can have and where they will live.


If a theme allows you to add a sidebar or a footer this is where you can set that up. You can add lots of different things to a sidebar- a custom menu, a search box, a tag cloud, etc. Bear in mind that a lot of the widgets relate to blogging so may not make sense for a portfolio site.

There may be other options on this screen depending on your theme. Play around and see what they do!