Add a New Post

Each student will add one post for each assignment. One post can contain text, media, images, etc. Here are the main steps:

  1. Add your title and any text.
  2. Add any images or media.
  3. Assign the post to the proper categories.
  4. Set a featured image.
  5. Save!


Click +New

Title Your Post


Enter any text. If you are pasting in from Word or elsewhere, use the “paste as text” button so you don’t get weird formatting.



See our sections on adding images or media or maps if you’d like to include these in your post.

Save a draft as you’re working!



Set a “Featured Image”

The “featured image” appears on the home page of the blog as the one image for your post. Just pick one of the ones you are using.


At bottom left, click “set featured image”

Find your image in the Media Library and click Set.


Assign Categories

This is really important as it is how people will find your post!

Check off both the assignment type (object label or essay) AND your name.


Finishing Up

Click Publish when you’re done.


You should now see your post in three places:

  1. On the Home page
  2. On the page for the assignment (object label or essay)
  3. On the page with your name

Is it missing from 2 or 3? Edit your post and check that you have categories checked off!

Need to edit it? Click into the post and click “Edit” in your toolbar.