Welcome to ePortfolios in WordPress!

Greetings students! Congratulations on starting the ePortfolio process. This guide will walk you through setting up your ePortfolio. If you need help or have questions please contact portfolios@hampshire.edu.

Please use the menu to access our various help sections or click here to get started.

WordPress offers various ways to build, edit, and customize a website that we can now implement for creating ePortfolios. A portfolio is not only a compilation of materials, but also a way to gather pieces of work together for re-analysis and reflection, where possible conclusions may not have been apparent before! The ePortfolio takes this a step further by using the internet as a means of sharing your works with a greater audience as well as having instant access for editing, manipulating, and updating your site.

Happy portfolio-ing!

Tip: Posting Code

WordPress offers the option to display source code inside of your text box using the custom HTML feature.

When editing a page, click the Text tab at the top of the text box. Along the top of the text box is the custom HTML toolbar, which differs slightly from the Visual tab toolbar.

WordPress uses “<code>” as the default method of posting source code. You can either type it in manually, or click ‘code’ in the toolbar. After the end of your code click the same button again, which should appear as ‘/code’, in order to close the tag.

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