Reflection Prompts


The Retrospective Essay: The purpose of the retrospective is to frame your portfolio and to highlight your growth over time as a result of completing a number of courses and other experiences. It helps you to see themes and patterns, to see how your ideas have changed, and to set new goals for Division III. […]

Area of Study Prompts

This is a page to discuss the role of a particular area or field of study in your concentration. Some topics for you to explore as you write: What is the importance of the field to your work? How has your understanding in this area changed over time? Which examples of work relate to this […]

Skill and Goal Pages: Topics and Prompts

Create a page for any given skill, goal, or theme you see in your work. Write about what you hoped to learn or be able to do, what patterns you see, what happened to your learning, etc. Embed work that is relevant – even if it exists on other pages for other purposes. Reflect on […]

Inventory Prompts

For each course you took this semester, please include: Course title Instructor Course description Professor’s narrative evaluation Your self evaluation You should also upload examples of the work that you did for each class. For each semester, consider writing about any or all of the following: What were your goals coming into the semester? How […]

Div III Prompts

As you look across your Division II work, consider: What do you love doing? What questions do you still have? What skills do you hope to develop further? Where you want to go after Div III?  What will help you get there? How do you plan to use the break between semesters to get started? […]

Community Engagement Prompt

In your reflections, consider: What activities/tasks did you perform What community-defined need(s) did your work address? What challenges did you face and how did you address them? What knowledge have you gained from your work, and how has this experience furthered your learning in general or in relation to the central themes of your Division […]